Photo by Tatiana Wills

 “Art is risk made visible” - Arno Minkkinen

            As a choreographer, I strive to connect audiences to the beauty of music and the artistry of the individual dancer. My work is always focused around musicality, authenticity, and vulnerability. I am drawn to dancers who possess inner strength and clear artistic voices: ones who take risks and are more concerned with honesty than perfection. I believe movement should be driven by music, and I aim to make my movement as comfortable and natural as breathing. I am a firm believer that dancers dance their best when they can lose themselves within the music and the movement. I am fascinated by the sensuality and humanistic relationship of people being on a stage together and the connection made between dancers on stage. I often explore the dichotomy between the individual and the group. My goal as a choreographer is to create something meaningful and gratifying for both dancers and audience members alike. I aspire to always push myself to be true to who I am as an artist and avoid the trap of getting comfortable with what I’ve done before. I hold true that art has the power to connect us all to the deepest parts of the human existence and therefore strive to be a choreographer who helps dancers and audiences escape the world around them while tapping into what it really means to be alive. 

- Nicole Haskins